BB & the Pigs

Fairy stories – bedtime tales for children, amusing diversions for adults, or a peek into the darkest recesses of the imagination? Here, in our third collection of recast tales you will find variety enough to satisfy the most jaded of Grimm devotees.  Enter these pages and discover familiar characters in unfamiliar dress – sometimes ancient, sometimes modern, but always provocative.  From the macabre to the heroic to the foolish, these are fairy stories in a new- and darker-light.

In addition, this volume contains an essay that looks at the Brothers Grimm and their cultural milieu, and analyses their continued relevance and popularity for the modern world.

100 Doors to Madness

100 Doors to madness

From one hundred of the world’s finest storytellers of the macabre comes an epic anthology of short form terror fiction that will frighten, disturb and delight the reader. With stories from award-winning writers and emerging stars, including Eric J Guignard, Marge Simon, Michael Bailey, T Fox Dunham, John Haas, Shaun Meeks, Adam Millard, James S Dorr, SJI Holliday, Ken Goldman, Christina Murphy, Michael Thomas-Knight, Carl Barker, Pete Aldin, Tim Jeffreys, Michael R Colangelo, Tim Tobin, Kerry GS Lipp, Matthew Wilson, Matthew Antonio, Bosley Gravel, Dave Dormer, Shaun Avery, Ivan Ewert, JJ Steinfeld, Noel Osualdini, Megan Dorei, NM Haupt, Ed Ahern, William van Winkle, Orion D Hegre, Carly Berg…more

Paranormal Horror Two

paranormal horror two

‘Holly was eating an apple in the cab of the Toyota – her crunching could be heard for light years into the galaxies. And Louise, upon turning the eyes of her decapitated head, could see that the rest of her body was lying several feet removed from her, on the double yellow line. She looked back up at Ron again – he was smiling, just the way he used to when they were still in love. She cried large, tragic tears much louder than any scream.’ (From Road Kill by Jerry G. Erwin)

The Last Diner

The last dinner

This book is a great read! The short stories are perfect for someone on the go, or for a day at the pool. The author’s words put you right in the middle of the scene. The plot twists always keep you guessing of what is to come next, and the book is well written. It is simply amazing that the publisher found all these wonderful works to stream together. This is exactly what I look for in mystery novel! I highly recommend this book.

Vacation - Of Stars & Science: Tales of the Multiverse

Vacation – Of Stars & Science: Tales of the Multiverse

Witty Bard Publishing, LLC present’s our first Science Fiction anthology! Whether you like space travel or robots, there is something for you in this anthology! And, with a splash of romance here and there, it makes for a great read! The stories and authors featured in this anthology are: “Peace Talks” by Tristan Chambers “We Will Not Go Quietly” by Casia Schreyer “Maid of Ink” by Rie Sheridan Rose “Faster Than Light” by Erik Schubach “The Sin of A.D.A.M.” by John Kaniecki “Landing Procedures” by Susan Bianculli “Vacation” by John Haas

Short Stories 'Till Death

‘Til Death

Shooter Flash spotlights bitesize brilliance with one winning story each month, which we publish online (plus in an annual anthology) and trumpet on social media.

As the magazine asks for prose of…

Ashes To Ashes by John Haas

Ashes To Ashes

Join editor George Wilhite and the authors of Thirteen O’Clock Press on a hunt for the bizarre and strange. Is what they find supernatural, or is there a logical explanation for the terror they experience? What recorded stories will You come across in this anthology of the strange? The accounts appear real enough. They’re just stories. . . right? Or perhaps some of these tales are real afterall. . .

The Leprechaun's Vacation - Nonbinary Review #6 (2015

The Leprechaun’s Vacation

1001 Arabian Nights is a collection of many genres of stories, from the adventurous to the hilarious. Our authors extend Scheherazade’s life a little longer by adding to her store of tales.

Other short stories


The Debt
Falling Up
Hero’s End
Killing Infinity
The Red Ball)
Damned Voyage
The Debt



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Skin Deep – Manor House (Coming 2022)

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