About John Haas

Canadian Award-Winning Author

John Haas is an award winning Canadian author living in the nation’s capital of Ottawa, Ontario.

He grew up in Montreal, Quebec and also lived for many years in Calgary, Alberta.

Since his early days he’s enjoyed writing and telling stories. Over the years he’s found ways to incorporate that into whatever else he’s been doing, and there has been a long list of jobs.

He’s worked as a camp counsellor, professional driver, theatrical technician, stage manager, director, courier, independent business owner, hotel night auditor, office manager, health & safety inspector, handyman, school bus driver, service management specialist, and compensation assistant. It’s entirely possible that a job or two has been forgotten over the years.

When not writing or working John loves to be with his two wonderful sons, doing all kinds of family stuff. He enjoys collecting action figures, reading comic book collections, as well as all things science-fiction, fantasy or horror related. Once an active gamer, these days he saves gaming (video and board games) for family time with his boys.

Follow his daily ramblings on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/JohnHaas11

“John Haas has an easy flowing style and a great imagination! He creates characters who are
always interesting and different. There is no predicting what twists and turns the story may take!
John weaves the threads of his imagination together to make a great story that always contains
a few chuckles along with surprises!! I look forward to reading his next book!”

– M. Redmond, reader

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